Healthy, sustainable and gourmet proposals, among the novelties of Fórum Gastronómico Barcelona

The exhibiting companies use the show to present products that will be trendy.

Fórum Gastronómico Barcelona 2019 brings together leading brands in food, hospitality and gastronomy, who will use the event to present their main novelties. In this edition, gourmet and delicatessen products stand out above all, with special attention to all those conceived as alternatives to the consumption of foods of animal origin, as well as those with a healthy and sustainable vocation, which adapt to the needs of a consumer who is increasingly aware of the environment and healthy living.

En el salón cumplirán un papel protagonista las propuestas de vocación saludable, pensadas para adaptarse al estilo de vida actual y a un público cada vez más informado sobre la composición y características nutricionales de los productos que consume.

Healthy vocation proposals will play a leading role in the trade show, designed to adapt to today’s lifestyle and to an increasingly informed public about the composition and nutritional characteristics of the products it consumes.

Bonduelle Food Service will be presenting its new ranges of frozen and canned products, ranging from Veggie Salad to other products based on alternative cereals to wheat, such as Bulgur and Wheat or Quinoa. Another highlight is the new range of Pepitas, a concentrate of vegetables and pulses 100% vegetable, similar in appearance to rice, which just cook for eight minutes and are a good way to add vegetables to the diet, as they work as substitutes for rice, couscous and even pasta.

There will also be room for products for consumers with special needs, such as coeliacs or those who are trying to reduce their consumption of gluten, intolerant or allergic. A good example is the range of gourmet snacks from Cudié, the firm of handmade chocolates with more than half a century of history, which presents a line of gluten-free catanias with a delicatessen vocation: we find them in dark chocolate, lime or yogulate, which coexist with others such as organic catanias and their nougats and chocolates.

Respect for the environment

Sustainability will be one of the pillars of Fórum Gastronómico Barcelona 2019, whose motto -(Re)think about gastronomy – places the environment at the centre of the debate. Along these lines, novelties will be presented, such as the Ecoherbes sachets, a combination of leaves and flowers, both dry and fresh, which are characterised by being ecological, self-cultivated and handmade, packed entirely with biodegradable organic material. Along the same lines, Hort del Silenci will present its range of biological and local legumes from the Alta Segarra, which have the seal ‘Venda de proximitat’, which guarantees their origin km 0. Koppert Cress presents its innovative line of microvegetables, leaves and edible flowers.

Wide selection of gourmet products

In this edition, among the premium foods and beverages we find important novelties, from the mature meats of La Selecta to its cheeses, all of them handmade and of the highest quality. On the other hand, Olivia‘s gourmet chocolates, from Peru, the Dominican Republic, Panama and Madagascar, are also good examples of the companies’ commitment to the marketing of top-of-the-range products. Olivia also offers Olives with Mojo Picón or its range of organic chocolates and chocolates, which are available in different formats -with coffee, sea salt, etc-. For its part, Virginias will launch a range of nougats made with prestigious chefs, such as aerated chocolate with salty almonds and caramelized honey, inspired by a dessert from Jordi Cruz’s Àbac restaurant.

In the area of beverages, Coca-Cola will present Royal Bliss, a new range of premium mixers to give a new life to the mixers, while Vilajuïga will present its premium water present only in gourmet shops and medium-high level restaurants and Elixirs de Ponent will put the accent on its camomile and eight botanical liqueurs.

These proposals come, as usual, from all corners of Spain, so that Fórum Gastronómico Barcelona is a good showcase to discover products with protected designation of origin leaders in their sector, from both small craft firms and large reference companies. In this sense, the Galician firm St Petroni presents one of its latest novelties: fresh mussels in albariño vermouth sauce, a preserve that brings together two jewels from Galicia: its wines and seafood products.

Another Galician company, the cannery Mareterra Deluque, presents its spider crab and garlic shrimp pâtés, proof that the industry does not stop researching to give rise to surprising combinations and formats. Good examples of this will to innovate are also the chickpeas with lobster or barbecued meatballs from Disalvi, the sweets made with dried tomatoes (from chocolates to biscuits) presented by Agrogust, or the original spherifications of orange honey, pearls from Tío Pepe or Caviaroli nectar wine. As for the curious formats, the peculiar CheeseFuet XXL with ripe goat cheese and Montbrú truffle, a Catalan company that is committed to a new way of eating cheese adapted to the needs of contemporary consumers, never ceases to surprise.

Alternatives to animal products

On the other hand, the new alternative products to the consumption of food of animal origin have arrived with force in the last years, and we will also be able to see a representative sample in the contest. A good example of this trend is Heura, vegetable meat made from textured soy protein, a product whose taste, appearance and gastronomic experience is very similar to that of meat, and is a good alternative for both vegans and all those who are trying to reduce consumption of animal products. For its part, the range of eight vegan cheeses that comes from the hand of Àpats Food, such as garlic, carrot and apple, is also part of this trend.

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28TH - 29TH SEPTEMBER 2020