Chefs, confectioners and sommeliers will compete for important prizes at Fórum Gastronómico Barcelona 2019

The Asian Culinary Awards UDON will designate the best Asian recipe in Spain

What emerging chef stands out for offering the most sustainable cuisine? What is the best Asian recipe created in Spain? Who makes the ideal panettone? What is the favourite dish of the Catalans? Who is the most renowned sommelier in Catalonia? These unknowns will be revealed at the Fòrum Gastronòmic Barcelona, which, as the sector’s benchmark event, will host seven events in which the country’s best gastronomic creations and promises for the future will shine.

Highlighting the talent and work of chefs, pastry chefs, sommeliers, chefs and other professionals in the gastronomy sector is part of the essence of Fórum Gastronómico Barcelona, organised by Fira de Barcelona through its society Alimentaria Exhibitions together with Fòrum Gastronòmic. Thus, in its 2019 edition, which will take place in palace 8 of Fira de Barcelona’s Montjuïc exhibition centre from 18 to 20 November, the event will be the setting for the finals of prestigious gastronomic and oenological competitions, as well as the presentation of prizes for the proposals and careers of professionals from different areas of the national restaurant industry.

Among the culinary competitions organised by the show, the Cuiner 2019 Fòrum Gastronòmic Barcelona stands out -sponsored by La Vanguardia-, which since 2009 has enhanced the work of emerging chefs who offer quality culinary proposals, use local products, make a sustainable cuisine and disseminate these values. Thus, on 20 November five candidates – pre-selected by a special jury – will cook live a dish that identifies them and summarises their cuisine.

The finalists of this edition are Zhou Mengxiu (Somiatruites, Igualada), Isaac Monzó (Cal Trumfo, La Torre d’Oristà); Sergi Ortiz (L’Antic Forn, Cervera); David Rustarazo (Nairod, Barcelona) and Pere Venturós (Terra, Berga). The winner of the competition will be chosen by popular online vote, complemented by a committee of experts made up of journalists specialising in gastronomy, gourmets and professionals in the sector.

Multicultural Inspiration Competitions

The Asian restaurant group UDON will organise the grand final of the 4th edition of the Asian Culinary Awards, which will take place on 19 November. Aimed exclusively at chefs and restaurant professionals, participants in the state Asian cuisine competition will face the challenge of creating an original proposal to become the ‘Best Asian Recipe in Spain’. The jury will be made up of renowned professionals in the sector, such as chefs Albert Raurich (Dos Palillos), Carlos Fernández, from Grup Berasategui and Isma Prados, together with the instagramer Marta Sanahuja (Delicious Martha), among others.

On 20 November, the winner of the Nou plat favorit dels catalans competition will be unveiled – by the hand of Cuina magazine – from a selection of international dishes prepared by chefs who have come to Catalonia from all corners of the planet. The twelve specialities selected for the occasion are sushi (Haha), Pad Thai (Lamun Cuina Thai), samosas (Tandoor), falafel (Karakala), couscous (El petit Montjuïc), arepas (Anormal), ceviche (Leche de Tigre), tacos (Chiuaua), pizza napolitana (terraza Ravello), crêpes (Creperie Bretonne), poke bowl (Hula Poke) and dim sum (Memorias de China).

Competitions with a sweet taste

The BestDessert, which this year reaches its fifth edition, has become an unmissable event for professionals in the sweet kitchen. Organised by Espaisucre with the collaboration of Sosa Ingredients and Valrhona, this event aims to promote restaurant pastry. To this end, the TheBestDessert-Espai Sucre 2019 competition will take place on 19 November, in which six candidates will compete for the prize for the best Restaurant Dessert Confectioner and the Valrhona prize for the best Restaurant Dessert with Chocolate.

Albert Adrià will also be honoured with the Pierre Gagnaire prize in recognition of his career. Adrià will also form part of a top-level jury, along with Jordi Roca, René Frank, Jordi Cruz, Jordi Butrón and Xano Saguer, along with journalists specialising in gastronomy. Throughout the day there will be three presentations with prestigious pastry chefs to reinforce the visibility of this pastry discipline: Xavi Donnay, from the Lasarte restaurant (Barcelona); Rafa Delgado, from Cocina Hermanos Torres (Barcelona) and Alfredo Machado and Íngrid Serra, from Grup ElBarri (Barcelona).

On the other hand, on 20 November, the 4th Best Artisan Panettone Competition in Spain will also be held, organised by the Confectionery School of the Gremi de Barcelona. The participants in the competition will submit to the verdict of a jury that will assess the appearance, cut, smell, texture, honeycomb and taste of this typically Christmas sweet Milanese.

Awards for wine experts

The Associació Catalana de Sommeliers (ACS) organises the Millor Sommelier de Catalunya competition, an award whose objective is to develop and promote knowledge of the profession of sommelier and the world of wine and gastronomy, as well as to strengthen links and collaboration between professionals in the sector. To this end, a dozen participants from different backgrounds will face a series of challenges on Monday 18 November – from blind tastings to written tests – in workshop space 2 of Fórum Gastronómico Barcelona.

A jury headed by different personalities from the world of wine will designate the winner and reveal his name during the Nit dels Sommeliers, a dinner that will take place at the Casa Fuster hotel in Barcelona, where chef Marc Ribas will prepare a menu inspired by traditional Catalan bourgeois cuisine. The evening will culminate with the proclamation of the best sommelier of this year’s edition and the awarding of other prizes in the categories of best winery, oenologist, communicator and initiative, as well as acknowledgements for the best trajectory and the honorary member.

Recognition of tradition and innovation

The Josep Mercader prizes, which recognise the professional careers of chefs, oenologists, room managers, producers and disseminators of Catalan culinary culture, will be awarded on 18 November. Rosita and Nati Camps (Hostal Colomí de Santa Coloma de Queralt, Tarragona) have been chosen in the Kitchen category, while Manel Tirvió, barman of Tirsa Cocktail Bar (L’Hospitalet de Llobregat) has been appointed in the Sala discipline. The elBullifoundation team in charge of preparing the wine encyclopaedia was awarded in the Wine category, while the Associació de Dones del Món Rural, Pageses i Ramaderes de Catalunya won the Product/Territory award. In the Diffusion/Culture category, recognition went to Montse Guillén and Antoni Miralda, and an extraordinary prize was awarded to Joan Múrria (Colmado Múrria, Barcelona).

Finally, the InnoFòrum awards, which will be presented on 18 November, will distinguish innovation in gastronomy by choosing the most innovative product, the most creative packaging and the most original flavour.

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