Experts and catering professionals will invite you to think about the sector at FòrumLab

Fórum Gastronómico Barcelona will present trends and success stories

Sustainability, digitalization and business will be the focus of the program of brief conferences aimed at restoration that renowned professionals will develop in the FòrumLab space of Fórum Gastronómico Barcelona 2019. During three days – from 18 to 20 November – it will be encouraged to investigate the current situation of this industry through the presentation of trends, success stories and novelties.

FòrumLab starts this year with the will to become a pillar for gastronomic innovation, which welcomes different representatives of the sector in a transversal way, while consolidating itself as a reference both within the show and in the restaurant in general.

The FòrumLab programme -co-organised by Clúster Foodservice, ElTenedor and Fundació Alícia- will consist of 28 conferences and a round table, in which a total of 35 experts from the business, culinary, academic and agricultural fields will take part. The lectures, which will have both a practical and a theoretical aspect, will be divided into three main thematic axes: management and business, digitalisation and sustainability aimed at catering.

As Pep Palau, co-director of Fórum Gastronómico Barcelona, points out, “in this new space nothing will be cooked or tasted, as it is exclusively dedicated to reflecting on how to innovate in a sector that is in permanent transformation”. In addition, Palau points out that FòrumLab “is designed to have continuity in future editions”.

Environmental sustainability, territory and profitability

The thematic block dedicated to sustainability, promoted by the Fundació Alícia, “will give answers about what we should eat taking into account factors of ethical and environmental sustainability, but without forgetting the personal context of each individual and the territorial factor. In addition, we will be talking about whether it is economically profitable to be sustainable, with the focus on restoration”, explains Núria May, head of projects for Agrofood Heritage, Gastronomy and Sustainability at the Fundació Alícia.

The first session: Eating of the Future, Food of the Earth, will feature a presentation on territory, food and climate change by Marta Guadalupe Rivera (University of Vic). In addition, Xavier Pellicer (Restaurant Xavier Pellicer) will talk about biodynamic agriculture in green haute cuisine and Jaume Montanuy will explain the sustainable livestock model of the xisqueta sheep in the Catalan region of Pallars.

The second day, the eating of the future. Seafood will host the participation of Josep Lloret (University of Girona), who will talk about fish, seasonality and nutrition; Inmaculada de Benito (Iberostar Group) will present the strategy to save the oceans Ola de Cambio, and Marc Puig-Pey (Fundació Alícia) will focus on sustainable fishing in the kitchen of the restaurant.

Finally, during the session How to make sustainability sustainable (economically), Toni Massanés (Fundació Alícia) and Anna Gallart (Consell Comarcal de l’Alt Urgell) will explain real projects carried out based on the circular economy and the products of the territory; Susana Aragón (Centric Gastrobar) will develop what the 3Ps of sustainability are in the restaurant -People, Product & Planet-, Manel Casanovas (el Miracle) will tell his experience about whether it is utopia or reality to be sustainable in the rural territory, and Ferran Barreiro (Lasal del Varador) will tell his own story and experience during the creation of a restaurant whose products, architecture, energy and waste management are sustainable.

Management and business strategies

Within the management and business block, promoted by Clúster Foodservice, “models will be presented to boost sales and increase profitability, as well as tools that increase the recurrence and loyalty of a local, through real success stories that make restaurants aware of the importance of being digital,” explains Alejandro Utrera, Clúster Foodservice manager.

In the first session, What to do to sell more, Álex Ros (restaurant Xarlot & Ilda’s Town Beer), who will talk about diversification in the world of beer, Sergi Mas (Soup), which will bring attendees closer to the world of vegetarian and healthy supply, and Mariano Najles (Las Muns), whose presentation will focus on innovation focused on traditional products.

During the second day, under the title What to do to earn more, Sònia Gasa (Retailtech) will explain how to streamline supply management to increase profitability, Gemma Vidal (UDON) will speak from the point of view of her experience as head of human resources about the conversion into opportunities of personnel management problems, and Pedro Corredor (Hilton Hotels Resorts) will analyze the optimization of the kitchen as a way to maximize profits.

In the session Customer Loyalty, the Big Challenge, Daniel Requena (Imperfect Restaurant) will focus on corporate social responsibility, Juanjo Martínez (Lola&Co) will explain how loyalty improves the profitability of a business in the digital age, and Víctor Quintillà (Lluerna Restaurant) will offer insight as a chef and owner about the importance of offering variety for customer loyalty.

Maximizing the opportunities of digitization

During the block focused on digitization and promoted by ElTenedor, “issues as relevant to restaurants as online reputation, the effective management of a business thanks to new technologies or how digitization helps to put an end to the feared no-show”, argues Rafael Casas, commercial director of ElTenedor.

In the first session, Where are your customers and what do they want, Instagram guru Phil González will explain how to use this social network to seduce by sight and conquer by stomach, Juan Manuel Barberá ( will reveal what customers think about, Oskar Garcia (Food Fighters) will lead a presentation entitled ReputacciON, and Sergio and Javier Torres (Cocina Hermanos Torres) will tell their digital cooking proposal.

The second day will host the round table El futuro es digital o no será, with the participation of Nan Ferrer, from the Tourism, Hotel and Gastronomy Campus of the University of Barcelona; Idoia Calleja, Director of Masters and Courses at the Basque Culinary Center; Sílvia Hofmann, CEO of Hofmann; and Manel Morillo, founding partner of ConGusto.

Finally, in Being or not being digital, winning or losing money, Miguel Bonet (Anson&Bonet) will explain which are the basic digital elements to succeed in the restaurant and Abraham Martín (elTenedor) will give the keys to avoid the loss of customers.

Fòrum Gastronómico Barcelona 2019, organised by Fira de Barcelona through its company Alimentaria Exhibitions together with Fòrum Gastronòmic, will occupy pavilion 8 of Fira de Barcelona’s Montjuïc exhibition centre completely, with a total of 6,000 m2 of net exhibition area and 4,000 m2 of space dedicated to activities. In total, more than 300 exhibiting companies will be taking part and around 30,000 professionals from the restaurant and gastronomy sector are expected to visit. Under the slogan ‘(Re)think about gastronomy’, the show will invite introspection on the current culinary moment.

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28TH - 29TH SEPTEMBER 2020