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The new canadian cuisine

Dominique Dufour
Dominique Dufour Les Fémmes Chefs de Montréal Chef
Stéphanie Audet
Stéphanie Audet Les Fémmes Chefs de Montréal Chef
20-11-2019 15:15 20-11-2019 16:00 Europe/Madrid The new canadian cuisine Les Fémmes Chefs de Montréal was founded by Dominique Dufour and Stephanie Audet to highlight the work of female chefs in the Canadian city through conferences, events and workshops. Dufour worked in vegan restaurants in Toronto, got work experience in Spain and England and, after working in Quebec and founding the above mentioned chefs’ collective, she settled in Ottowa with Norca. Here she exclusively uses local ingredients. Audet, a specialist in botanical cuisine and a champion of seasonal, local and organic products is the executive chef of the vegan restaurants LOV.
The room has simultaneous translation from English, Italian, French and German into Spanish and Catalan.
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