Javier Estévez

Chef | La Tasquería Madrid, Spain
Javier Estévez


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Challenging taboos

Javier Estévez
Javier Estévez La Tasquería Chef
18-11-2019 13:00 18-11-2019 14:00 Europe/Madrid Challenging taboos The fact that offal has made a big comeback in restaurants is, in large part, thanks to the work of Javier Estévez in La Tasquería. In this restaurant in Madrid the chef has managed to change people’s view of offal, which was seen as unappetizing and second class. In La Tasquera, however, Javier Estévez has made it cool, fun, creative and even sexy. People need no longer have hang ups when dining.
With tasting
The room has simultaneous translation from English, Italian, French and German into Spanish and Catalan.
Price: € 10 (VAT included)
Hall 8 - Taller 1
Mon 18 13:00h - 14:00h Taller 1