Javier Olleros

Chef | Culler de Pau O Grove, Spain
Javier Olleros


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Galician landscape, coherance and taste

Javier Olleros
Javier Olleros Culler de Pau Chef
18-11-2019 17:30 18-11-2019 18:30 Europe/Madrid Galician landscape, coherance and taste Javier Olleros couldn’t have decided to open a restaurant in any other place than the Hamlet of Reboredo, next to the fishing village of O’Grove (in Pontevedra). Far from the usual gastronomic circuit, it is only here, however, that he can offer such authentic and local cuisine. He considers his pantry to be Galicia, starting with his own vegetable garden. A Michelin star distinguishes the work of this chef who in the past has worked in a range of very different kitchens like Martín Berasategui y Ryu Gin, in Tokio.
With tasting
The room has simultaneous translation from English, Italian, French and German into Spanish and Catalan.
Price: € 10 (VAT included)
Taller 1
17:30h - 18:30h Taller 1