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Jordi Butrón


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Chocolate passion

Jordi Butrón
Jordi Butrón Essence by EspaiSucre Chef
Xano Saguer
Xano Saguer Essence by EspaiSucre Chef
18-11-2019 13:45 18-11-2019 14:30 Europe/Madrid Chocolate passion This duo, consisting of Jordi Butrón and Xano Saguer, is one of the most exciting on the gastronomic scene at present. Together, with Essence by Espaisucre, they are taking the concept of deserts to new heights. They have clearly shown us that their creations deserve more than simply being the epilogue to a feast consisting of savoury, sour and bitter flavours. How have they achieved this? By surprising the 12 diners in the library of the Espaisucre dessert school with a menu of 3 savoury tapas, 5 deserts and 3 sweet tapas.
The room has simultaneous translation from English, Italian, French and German into Spanish and Catalan.
Free access with the entry to the trade fair
Hall 8 - Auditori
Mon 18 13:45h - 14:30h Auditori