Josep Lloret

Marine biologist and fisherman | Universitat de Girona
Josep Lloret


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The food of the future. Food from the sea

Josep Lloret
Josep Lloret Universitat de Girona Marine biologist and fisherman
Inmaculada de Benito
Inmaculada de Benito Iberostar Group Corporate Director CEO Office
Marc Puig-Pey
Marc Puig-Pey Fundació Alícia Chef
19-11-2019 13:00 19-11-2019 14:30 Europe/Madrid The food of the future. Food from the sea Fish, seasonality and nutrition - Josep Lloret
A wave of change, a global strategy to save the oceans - Inmaculada de Benito Sustainable fish in the restaurant kitchen - Marc Puig-Pey
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