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Manel Casanovas


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How to make sustainability sustainable (economically)

Toni Massanés
Toni Massanés Fundació Alícia Managing Director
Anna Gallart
Anna Gallart Consell Comarcal de l’Alt Urgell Teaching technician
Susana Aragon
Susana Aragon Centric Gastrobar Chef
Manel Casanovas
Manel Casanovas Restaurant el Miracle Chef
Ferran Barreiro
Ferran Barreiro Restaurant Lasal del Varador Chef
20-11-2019 16:00 20-11-2019 17:30 Europe/Madrid How to make sustainability sustainable (economically) Circular economy: Eat local, a model to follow - Toni Massanés and Anna Gallart
People, Product & Planet, the 3 Ps of sustainability in a restaurant - Susana Aragon
Sustainability in rural areas – dream or reality - Manel Casanovas
Products, architecture, energy and waste management, how to make a restaurant sustainable - Ferran Barreiro
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