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Salvador Garcia-Arbós


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Traditional catalan cuisine 5.0

Francesc Baltrons
Francesc Baltrons Cuinats Jotri Head of R&D
Salvador Garcia-Arbós
Salvador Garcia-Arbós Cuinats Jotri Journalist and gourmet
18-11-2019 12:00 18-11-2019 12:45 Europe/Madrid Traditional catalan cuisine 5.0 Cuinats Jotri presents the new dishes of their last project. An initiative that wants to recover and update the recipes of traditional Catalan cuisine. The project has the collaboration of Salvador Garcia-Arbós, journalist and gastronome. Francesc Baltrons, responsible for R&D at Cuinats Jotri, together with Salvador García-Arbós, will present different dishes: “Botifarra del perol” with Santa Pau beans, “Cim i Tomba” made from proximity ingredients, “Relleno” Apple and Porrada, two relics of a very advanced medieval cuisine.
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